The police shooting of Mike Brown and preceding unrest made Ferguson the center for race issues for our entire country, even for the world. The festering wound of our past has not healed. Past and current issues plague our communities.

We have real problems. We believe the root of our problems is our lack of healthy relationships. We simply do not know each other. So we do not realize how much we have the same hopes, dreams and aspirations for our lives and the lives of our children. We do not understand how much we have the same struggles and fears even though they may be on greatly different scales. We do not have space in our minds and hearts for the differing perspectives of our neighbors - perspectives that come out of vastly different experiences. And our kids do not play together so these problems will continue.

We do not know each other and it is easy to not love, to not respect, even to fear the unknown. Until we fellowship together, eat together, laugh and cry together, until we know each other's hopes, dreams and fears, until we watch our children play together, these problems will take root over and over again.

It is in this space that we believe the Church is best suited to stand. Through Ferguson Forward we are focusing our efforts first on gathering together in fellowship so that we can begin to see each other, increasingly more, as human beings each made in the image of God. In this fellowship time we hope to laugh, learn, listen and come to know each other. We hope to grow closer together and model a still more excellent way for children and our children's children.

Then, out of these new relationships and stronger community, we intend on working together to address social and systemic issues as we seek to live into a future of justice and mercy. We will work with all people of peace that work toward unity, making no adversaries unnecessarily.

You are invited to our weekly Community Meals.

Every Tuesday, 6:45pm
New Northside Baptist Church
8645 Goodfellow Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63147

Every Thursday, 6:45pm
Ferguson Christian Church
303 N Elizabeth Ave, Ferguson, MO 63135

A meal is provided at each meeting AND participants are encouraged to bring a side dish or dessert if they wish.

Bringing People of Peace Together for a Just and Merciful Tomorrow.

We are

Committed to a tomorrow characterized by peace, justice and mercy. We believe that the good people of Ferguson, North County, and St. Louis can become a light on a hill, a shining example of how to repair relationships, systems, and live together in healthy community.

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